About Me

My name is Elyas Rezvanpanah, born on 10 May 1994, I studied photography in Iran, and I would like to explain more about myself.

In my opinion, the idea comes first and I believe in this saying!

Here are a few things about me. I love photography and try to learn something new everyday. I believe in the power of visuals. It’s a language we use to see into each other’s lives, one frame at a time. The images I produce are done with quality in mind as a benchmark.

If I want to say very briefly about myself: at the age of 18, like all other people, I was looking for personal growth, but not in the sense of a pleasant life, but in order to be seen by everyone in a living body, I looked for mathematics. After passing the entrance exam, I studied civil engineering for nearly 2 years. With just a small spark after looking at the world around me from my old analog camera, I noticed the frames in which I saw myself. It was there  I realized that my life could end in art, not in mathematics and geometry, so I decided to change my major to photography. I entered the field of art and photography in 2016 and was able to graduate in associate and bachelor degrees. During these years, I held 5 group exhibitions and 1 solo exhibition.

Also, I won several provincial and national positions in the field of photography, although I never take pride in having them because I believe that art is a part of every human being’s life and no award should be received for showing art.

There is only one thing that I may not have mentioned well, and it is my efforts to improve and gain different experiences in the field of art, photography and media are increasing day by day.